Help Change Lives in Your Community

Change One Thousand is truly a community project. For it to be successful, we need members of the community to contribute time, expertise, and resources. Find out how you can get involved below.


Become a Mentor

For our Change One Thousand participants to be successful, it will be important to have mentors to give them advice and answer their questions along the way. Mentors will work directly with participants to provide guidance and knowledge throughout training and the first days on the job. The time commitment for mentors will be roughly 5-10 hours a month. The first step to becoming a Change One Thousand mentor is to fill out the interest form.


Contribute In-Kind Resources

As we continue to scale our program, in-kind resources will become essential to our sustainability. Whether it's space for training, food for participants, your expertise in a particular area, or anything in between, it's all greatly appreciated and we are always interested in hearing more about what you have to offer.


Make a Financial Contribution

Through our partnership with Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Change One Thousand will be able to accept tax-deductible financial contributions. Financial contributions from the general public are utilized exclusively for supportive services for our participants. As many Change One Thousand participants work to secure and maintain employment, they will face barriers such as transportation, childcare, etc. These dollars will help them to stay on track and to advance along their desired career pathway. To find out more, follow the link below.