What is Change One Thousand?

Basically, Change One Thousand is a 2-week (36 Hour) pre-employment training academy. The curriculum for this training was designed by employers in the highest-growth industries in the area (healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, information technology, and business). Our first class, with a Manufacturing focus, began in early February. We are now looking to fill 30 slots in our multi-industry classes with individuals interested in starting a career in one of our targeted occupations.


What Will I Learn in Change One Thousand?

The unique thing about Change One Thousand is the well-rounded nature of the training curriculum. By bringing together various industry leaders we have been able to put together a training curriculum that focuses on soft skills from a general level that applies to all industries, while also giving an opportunity for participants to gain a deeper knowledge of specific skills related to their desired industry tack. Some of the areas of training will include the following:

  • Program Purpose

  • The Importance of Work

  • Breaking Bad Habits, Starting Good Ones

  • DISC Personality Exercises

  • Goal Setting

  • Overcoming Barriers to Success

  • Communication and Professionalism

  • Three-Generational Workforce

  • Financial Literacy

  • Health and Wellness

  • Industry-Specific Breakout Sessions

  • Employer Site Tours

  • Group Projects

  • Mentorship Projects


Who will be the trainers?

Training for Change One Thousand will be led by Bryan University, a local educational institution with many years of training experience in pre-employment skills. Joining Bryan University in this training will be area employers, community leaders, Job Center staff, and more. We look forward to bringing in local experts on a variety of topics that will ensure the classes are engaging, interactive, and relevant.


What is the cost for the training?

The current cost of the Change One Thousand Skills Academy is $400, however full scholarships are available. Depending on eligibility criteria, training costs could be paid through a number of funding sources.


When does training begin?

Change One Thousand classes will be available to participants on a rolling basis. Start dates for future classes will be released as they come available.


Am I guaranteed a job after completing this?

The short answer is, "No". As a public workforce organization, we cannot guarantee a job for graduates of our program. However, we will do everything we can to ensure you're prepared to compete for a good job following the completion of the training. Remember, the employers who you'll be applying and interviewing with after completing your training are the same employers who designed the training you just completed. This is a great advantage in such a tight labor market. Also, upon completion of Change One Thousand, our case managers will work directly with participants to link them to employment in their desired industry.